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Welcome to the Glenmore Gymnastics Recreation Program!  

We offer Preschool, Kindergym (ages 4-5) and CANGYM (ages 6+) and Acrobatic programs in all our sessions.  Our goal with the Recreation Program is to provide a fun and safe environment for children to learn the basics of gymnastics.  
Athletes will work on skills that focus on fitness, coordination, and teamwork that will help them excel in gymnastics or any other sport.

In our new "continuous registration" recreation program, there are non longer the "fall", "winter", or "spring" sessions that we offered in the past.  Now, you may register for a class at any point of the year and pay on a monthly basis.  We hope that this increased flexibility in programming will allow you to tailor your recreational gymnastics experince to fit both your time and budget.

Please review the schedule below to see the options available for recreational classes.  Registration is open now through our Jackrabbit registration portal here.  We look forward to having you in our program!

September 6Fall Recreational classes begin!

Please read our gym rules and policies here: Policies (PDF)

Glenmore Gymnastics waiver/screening page: Waiver/Screening

Frequently asked questions: FAQ (PDF)



Beginner Recreational Acrobatic Gymnastics

Glenmore's beginner Acro program focuses on the core aspects of Acrobatic Gymnastics - strength, flexibility, balance, and tumbling.   Using minimal equipment, athletes will learn skills as singles and pairs while they gain confidence in what they can achieve with those skills.

As their skills develop and improve, Recreational Acro athletes will have the opportunity to progress to Glenmore's Competitive Acro program.



Glenmore Gymnastics Club proudly follows the CANGYM program. CANGYM is gymnastic Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation Program for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. CANGYM was developed and tested by coaches working with beginner to advanced recreational gymnasts and with entry-level competitive gymnasts. The program is to be used as a progress monitoring tool and a motivational tool.

CANGYM is designed for participants of different abilities, aged 6 and older. The program is based on Gymnastics Canada’s three philosophical pillars for all recreational programs: FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS. By incorporating these three components into each lesson, we create a friendly, stimulating and healthy environment for all our gymnasts.


CANGYM is divided into three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Each level consists of four badges and each badge contains 20 skills to help athletes move smoothly from one level to the next.

Beginner Burgundy



Intermediate Purple



Advanced Orange



Beginner Level
This level consists of four badges: Burgundy, Red, Tan and Bronze. These badges focus on developing the fundamental movement patterns of artistic gymnastics. These movement patterns must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills.
Intermediate Level
The next four badges: Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Silver focus on combining fundamental movement patterns to learn basic gymnastics skills on specific apparatus. These skills must be well-mastered in order to safely attempt more difficult skills later-on. Most gymnasts at this level will want to participate in more than one class per week to progress quickly and gain the strength and flexibility needed to master their skills. It is common to take more than one session to complete each badge in this level as the difficulty is increased and repetition is necessary to master each skill.

Advanced Level
The last four badges: Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold are centered on learning more advanced level skills that have been designated “target” skills for the CANGYM program. These are taught by combining fundamental movement patterns and basic skills together. These skills are very challenging and will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Practice is the key to success in this level and athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in two classes per week.

All participants receive a progress report at the end of each session to show what they’ve learned and what they still need to practice.


The athlete can do the skill on his or her own about 3 times out of 10 attempts, with fairly good form.
The athlete can complete the skill with proper technique 4-6 times out of 10 tries. The skill must be performed with reasonable form (straight legs, pointed toes, etc.)
The athlete can complete the skill with proper technique a minimum of 7 times out of 10. The skill must be performed with good form. *For those athletes that attend classes twice a week the skill must be done with consistency for both coaches.*


For your child’s safety and comfort, the following gym attire is required:

- Bare feet are best for grip, however, gym slippers are allowed
- Body suits or t-shirt and shorts are required (no loosely fitted clothing or bathing suits)
- NO jewelry of any kind, including watches and necklaces
- Hair that is longer than the participant’s shoulders must be pulled back
- Absolutely no zippers, snaps, jeans or dresses

Glenmore Gymnastic Club will have gymnastics leotards for sale at the beginning of most sessions. You may also purchase leotards at

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